Changde Attractions

Changde is the birthplace of the eminent literary master Ding Ling(1904-1986,the greathistoerian Jian Bozan(1898-1986), the outstanding  statesman Lin Boqu(1886-1960)and such pioneers of the 1911 Revolution as Song Jiaoren(1882-1913), Jiang Yiwu(1881-1913)and Ling         Xiumei(1880-1921). With its unique culture and beautiful scenery, it attracted many men of letters, such as Qu Yuan, Fan Zhongyan(969-1052),   Wang Changling(690-756), Du Fu (712-770),Mi Fu(1051-1107) and Liu Yuxi(772-842), who frequented it and wrote a large number of poems  in praise of it According to histories,"Changde is a land of charming scenery, and Dingcheng, a land of culture relics". 

Taohuayuan National Forest Park

The peach Blossom Spring, a well-known scenic area with lush woods and tranquil valleys, is exactly what the poet Tao Yuanming(365-427) calls a fairyland on earth in his work A Visit to the Peach Blossom Spring.

The Jiashan Temple

The Jiashan Temple in Shimen County, a Buddhist monastery with a long history, encloses the mausoleum of  Li Zicheng(1606-1645), a chief leader of peasants' uprising in the late Ming dynasty(1368-1644). The Iron Scripture Column, cast of pig  iron in the 10th century, is a cultural relic under special protection of the state. On its 7th story is inscribed the full text of a Buddhist cannn and the names of donators. It is a rarity, for most of the scripture columns in China are carved out of stones Changde Cemetery is a memorial park to those Chinese soldiers who got kikled in the battles against Japanese invading troops in November, 1943.

The Huping Mountain

The Huping Mountain, 2,099 meters above sea level, is coated with primeval forests, which turn the mountain into a treasure house of precious    animals and rare trees. It has been designated as a nature reserve.

Liuye Lake

Liuye lake is named because the lake is shaped like a willow leaf, it is a tourist resort with great is collection of "mountain, water, , city" four integrated tourism resort, "China's first city lake" and "city surrounded by water paradise" said.The main scenic spots and leisure places are German style street, changde happy water world, sun mountain forest park, liuye lake scenery belt and taohuayuan international golf club.

Around the lake with beautiful scenery, you can ride or take a boat to enjoy the scenery together with three or five friends; The temple in sun mountain forest park is a good place to burn incense and worship Buddha.