Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley

When people ask me Where the best place is for outdoor adventure in Zhangjiajie?i will tell them,it must be Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley,without thinking. In recent years,as more and more people enjoy outdoor adventure,Zhangjiajie Bilang Valley has become the most popular place and one of the best bases for outdoor lovers.Follow me to know more about this mysterious place before planing your adventure trip.

Located in Luota ping township,Yongding District,Zhangjiajie city,Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley is 90 minute’s drive and 56 km away from the downtown of Zhangjiajie city. Enriched in unique stone pillars, natural caves and deep gorges,the landform of this area mainly featured with Zhangjiajie Landform and Karst Landform.Binlang Valley is a general name of the scenic spots in Luota ping township which also enjoys the reputation of “Little Zhangjiajie”.

What will you see in Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley?

1,Binlang Hole(Binlang Kong)

2.Star Valley(Xingzhi Gu)

3,Mysterious Cave(Mi Dong)

4,Angel’s Gate

5.Two Layer Cave

6.Jia’er Gorge


8.Zaonima Peak

9.Shuangfeng Rock

What should you get prepared before the trip to Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley?

How to plan your adventure tour to Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley?