Wulingyuan Overview

Chinese Name: 武陵源 English IPA: Wulingyuan Location: West Of Hunan Province Population (city): 40,000 Language: Zhangjiajie Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Situated in the Wuling Mountains in the northwest of Hunan, Wulingyuan covers an area 396 km”. It is a dream-like wonderland of steep mountains, peculiar peaks, clear waters,woods,precipitous valleys and miraculous caerns . As early as Oct 1988, it was evaluated a state-level scenic area and the, in Dec 1991, as one of the 40 best tourist attractions in China. 
Most honorably, it was inscribed in December, 1992, in the World Heritage List by World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. To commemorate this great event, a set of special sta featuring the landscape of Wulingyuan was issued in China on Sep. 25, 1994, and then in Dec.14,1994 ,Wulingyuan is one of the most beautiful, most fantastic and most spectacular scenic areas of China.When you are ready for a tour to enjoy the grandeur of nature, Wlingyuan will fully deserage your first destination. Her landscape, customs and facilities will surely make your tour reward ag and satisfactory

Highlights of Wulingyuan

  • The world’s heritage -Zhangjiajie national forest park
  • China’s biggest underground cave-Yellow dragon cave
  • World’s Longest glass bottom bridge