zhangjiajie Shopping

The biggest window of zhangjiajie lies in beautiful scenery, really want to buy some specialty hand letter can choose local 3 treasure (pueraria powder, fern root powder, rock ear) and 1 unique (eucommia tea), these can eat on the table, taste not satisfied can buy some to take home. In addition, tujia flavor "spicy sister spicy la" series of food is also very suitable for gifts.

The main commercial streets of zhangjiajie are located in people's square and xibu street and tianzi street in wulingyuan district. The larger and complete supermarkets in the city are xinyijia, meini and bubu higher; Still have a few local specialty store, still keep pace with The Times to write on the sign oneself website address, can let inn direct send express home. If you have enough time to hang out at the farmers' market, you may get more.

There are also many convenience stores near the zhangjiajie railway station, and a large supermarket beside the McDonald's outside the station. The price is relatively affordable, and the quality is guaranteed. It is convenient to purchase dry food before going up the mountain or buy hand-mail when leaving.

However, the overall price in zhangjiajie scenic spot is a little higher, and the price rule is that it is close to the highway, so the shops that are convenient to purchase goods are the cheapest, and vice versa. Prices at the roadside of wulongzhai, lilong and grandpa scenic spots in zhangjiajie are relatively low, while those at core scenic spots such as tianbofu and yibutiandeng are 2-3 times higher than those at the roadside. Tianzi mountain, yuan jiajie flat terrain, scenic transportation is more convenient, prices are relatively low. Tianmen mountain scenic area in the tianmen cave also has local products and crafts special market.

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