4-Day Hand-Picked and Off- Beaten Travel Route in Zhangjiajie

Day 1    Arrive at Zhangjiajie

Local driver will meet and greet you at the airport or train station,then 45 minutes transfer to hotel in Zhangjiajie national forest park area. Free and easy time for you to explore the small village.


Day 2   Zhangjiajie national forest park [Wulong village/One step to heaven]

start our adventure to Zhangjiajie natonal forest park, this hand-picked and crowds-avoided tour is particularly for people who really love hiking and treking in the forest .

Wulong village(2.5 hours)

Wulongzhai is an important scenic spot of Zhangjiajie national forest park, It is the place where Xiangxi bandits lived, and was later renamed according to the TV series “The Story of Wulong Mountain”. It is also an extremely dangerous place in Yangjiajie. The main cottage is built on mountains. To go to of the mountain must go through three “gates of devils”, namely “a step is difficult”, “who dare not bow” and “off the door.” The rugged mountain roads are difficult and natural barriers that stop movement. Besides the dangerous mountain roads, the scenery of Wulongzhai is also beautiful.


One Step to Heaven  (3 hours )

One Step to Heaven, also called 一步登天 (yī bù dēng tiān) in Chinese, is one of the stunning attractions in Yangjiajie Scenic Spot. As the highest peak of Yangjiajie, It is actually a mountain peak which is 1,130 meters above the sea level.  visitors need to walk up-stairs along the Bali slope, and climb up a 32-step iron ladder to reach the peak of  “One Step to Heaven”. The top is a flat stone with 5 meters long and 4 meters wide, the gorgeous view there definetly makes this long walking worth it .

Day 3  Jianbian Brook/Avatar Mountain-Yuanjiajie/Kongzhong Tianyuan


JInbian brook (2 hours hiking)

In the moring, we will proceed to zhangjiajie national forest park again, to explore the Golden Whip

Stream(Jinbianxi) – this charming valley is most likely to bring you into the Pandora’s wonderland of the movie Avatar.

You will have a leisure hiking about 2 hours along the stream. You can just relax yourself with the beautiful mountain,

fresh air, and pure water .

Yuanjiajie- Avatar mountain (Classic & Popular Spot. 2 hours )

Explore beautiful scenery during your ride to Bailong Elevator made of see-through glass before using it to ascend to Yuanjiajie Mountain. Visit Yuanjiajie’s summit with a 2 hours soft walk into the Pillar of Southern Sky, an inspiration for Hallelujah Mountains in the movie, Avatar.From there, you will proceed to the Platform of Forgetfulness to admire nearby peak-views before walking across the First Bridge Under Heaven.


KongzhongTianyuan(2 hours )

we can also see the ‘Sky Field Garden’ (Kongzhong Tianyuan 空中田园) is a small area of paddy fields, seemingly hanging on an outcrop surrounded by Zhangjiajie’s typical peaks. The paddy fields are farmed by local ethnic people.)


Day 4   Tianmen Mountain-Departure

Today the tour can start a little bit late if your departure flight is after 6:00pm .

Tianmen Mountain(Classic & Popular Spot. 4 hours )

Take the world’s longest cable car to the top of Tianmen Mountain.Once we arrive at the mountainto, wander along the Ghost Path, 1400m above land. Along the way, you can also appreciate tourist attractions like Celestial Mountain Top, Glass Path etc. You can also marvel at such sights as the 99-Turn Road and the 999-Steps that lead to the gate of Tianmen from up high on a glass sky walk .
Opt. to take a chairlift to see the Tianmen temple, or choose to walk along a footpath. We will then take the escalator to reach Tianmen Gate.

Happy ending.



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