Changde Overview

Administrative Divisions

Changde has jurisdiction over 9 county-level administrative regions

  • 2 Municipal districts: Wuling district, Dingcheng district
  • 1 county-level city: Jinshi city, Anxiang county
  • 6 counties:  Hanshou county, Taoyuan county, Linli county, Shimen county and Li county.

In addition, there are five administrative zones: Liuye lake tourism resort, West lake management zone, west dongting management zone, Taohuanyuan tourism management zone, and changde economic and technological development zone,which is also a national economic and technological development zone. 

Chande Language

Changde dialect is commonly used by people in Dongting lake, Yuanshui river and  Lishui river.  It is known as "German" because of the pronunciation "De"  means German in English.  Changde dialect has the simlilar  pronunciation  to Putonghua, although part of the pronunciation with strong local characteristics, but it is able to understand by people from outside Changde.

What to Eat in Changde

  • Jiangbanya Duck (Changde Spicy Salted Duck)
  • Changde Mifen (Rice-noodle)

  • Taoyuan Leicha Tea

  • Shimen Orange

  • Hanshou Turtle

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