4 Days Best Tour Package of Furong Ancient Town And Zhangjiajie

Attractions Visited:Furong Ancient town ,Zhangjiajie National Park-Avatar Mountain Sceney(Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie,Cave+Tianmen Mountain(Tianmen Cave, Tianmen Temple,Glass Cliffwalk,Tianmen Heavenly Road). Jusheng Sandstone Art Hall

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1  Pickup and transfer to hotel

Great and pick up by local guide and driver from Zhangjiajie Airport . Transfer to hotel for check in. Free & easy to explore the zhangjiajie city . Overnight in Zhangjiajie Downtown . 

Day 2  Zhangjiajie -Frong Town By Private Transfer (2 hours)
Meals: Lunch

Check out hotel in the morning, Guide and driver will take you to Furong Ancient Town , locate 90 km meters away from Zhangjiajie, this ancient town is  Originally named Wangcun. Furong township once served as the capital city of Tusi prefecture(an offical name for areas inhabited by minority groups in Qin and Hang dynasties from 221BC to 220AD)with an ancient name of Youyang. Thank to its unique geographical position on the northern shore of Youshui River in Yongshun county from where Sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei and Yunnan could be easily reaced, this town maintained an important place during the reign of Tusi King. The convenient transportation also won a title “Mini Nanjing” for the town where traders and traveller flooded in and out in an endless stream. Furong township began to attract tourists since early 1980s when the movie Hibiscus Town (Furong township)was shot here by a prestigious director Xie Jin based on a novel by the same name written by Gu Hua. The highlight of the small ancient is in the night time, so please do not miss it. 

Furong Ancient Town in Yongshun County Furong Ancient Town in Yongshun County

Day 3  Furong Town-Tianmen Mountain
Meals: Lunch

You can still have an early morning to stroll in the ancient town to spend a little bit free time to explore the Tujia village , then check out hotel , private transfer Zhangjiajie city .Proceed to Tianmen Mountain after lunch , Tianmen Mountain is  the highest spot (1518.5m) in the whole Zhangjiajie area. The landscape there is totally different from, meanwhile, at the same level as the ZJJ national Park. Both are world-class scenery. Unbelievably, this single mountain holds 4 World Guinness Records in its small body. and any of them will be overwhelmingly impressive to the traveler of any type. Just amazing to be the thing we will never experience.

Sky Walk in Tianmen Moutain-Zhangjiajie Sky Walk in Tianmen Moutain-Zhangjiajie

Day 4   Zhangjiajie National Park -Airport
Meals: Lunch

In the morning , we will transfer to Zhangjiajie national forest park to visit the highlight of the Avatar mountain, we will use the Bailong Elevator to get up to Yuanjiajie area , hosen to be the main background of the Movie: Avatar. No wonder,Yuanjiajie becomes the most popular spot for all people. the peaks here are bigger in size, the view is close, fantastic too. Moreover, there is a World Highest Sightseeing Elevator (326m) which’s regarded as a big controversy existing against UNESCO, but It does bring an much easier way for going up to Yuanjiajie than spending 3.5 hours’ crazy trek on 9000 steps.The only problem for Yuanjiajie is ,in busy season, it would be unavoidably crowded

Then we will take a shuttle bus get to Tianzi Mountain, Tianzi means “Heavenly Prince”. Mt.Tianzi is an area for the hero of Tujia Minority, who commands local to fight with government army in Ming Dynasty. The scenic spots here are combined with stories and legends of this fate-selected prince of Heaven. Visually, the view is different from other parts of park: the peaks are much thinner and sharper, since it’s has the biggest opening platform, we can definitely experience the most spectacular view of sandstone peak forest in this park. and it’s one of the highlights in Zhangjiajie Scenic Area.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Foggy

Service Included

  •  An English speaking guide
  • One Daily Chinese Style Meal(Lunch or Dinner based on the situation)
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Private Car Service (Notice:In high tourism season, it may not be the same car serving for everyday)
  • One Bottled Water Everyday

Service Excluded

  • Hotel ( Book on your own online following the location of each day in the itinerary. In this case, you will have more options to choose to meet your preference.
  • One Meal (leave it flexible to make the tour go more efficiently. If want it to be included, just request)

Notice Before Tour

  • The fine weather condition. 

If the reality is not promising it, the itinerary can be adjusted by the guide for bettering the travel experience. If it increases the tour cost on extra parts, it would be on your side. But the choice is still yours to follow the original or the revised one.

  • The policy of “Maximize the tour value”.

Most of the days are arranged with full tour activities or scenic attractions to let you experience the most in your limited tour duration. If your physical level or tour budget  can not fit. You could request to reduce some parts of it to meet  your needs.

  • No Shopping,No Hidden Cost.100%Sightseeing Tour With Real Travel Experience

The travel style from Travel Agencies Of China normally is:”Half day of rushy tour, Half day of shopping activities”.Because in order to attract more people to join in their tours. They usually offer low quotation,sometimes, even lower than the real cost, then they turn back to give a heavy pressure on the guide and driver which are little paid or not paid. Then the guide and driver have to steal some portions of your tour time from sightseeing and take you to shops for purchasing stuff to fill the hole of the deficit with the commission,meanwhile get their own income. It’s the common practice for China Tourism. But we decide to take a different way and respect them and their work by paying them a reasonable amount for getting full time travel. It will benefit both.

  • What You Should Bring
  • Small backpack for daily activity in which water,snacks, camera,proper dress,and other daily neccessities can be put in
  • Your ORIGINAL ID card or passport for ticket booked.

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