zhangjiajie Ethnic Culture

Speaking of local culture, which is always indispensable and fun part for travelers to experience in traveling. Zhangjiajie resides 33 ethnic groups in total, and the main one is named"Tujia Minority" who is 8th the largest in 55 official minorities approved by Chinese central government. Without doubt, it's a land of stunning cultures, where you could get a new perspective of life by knowing a different way of living from locals, while understand yourself better by understanding other beings...

The Torch Festival of the Bai ethnic group

The torch festival is related to the elimination of pests and the protection of crops. In the evening of that day, all the families lit torches.

Tujia June 6

The tujia people call June 6 "sun-dried dragon robe". Women love this day to put all the clothes out of the sun, Tujia people believe that goods dried in the sun, all the year round will not moldy such as new.

Large literary and artistic activities such as Sangzhi folk song festival were held, and activities such as folk song duet, Dragon Boat Festival, Wulei mountain temple fair and maogusi carnival.

Crying marriage

The happy day of Tujia girl's marriage start by crying. Brides begin to cry more than half a month before their wedding, sometimes more than a month, at least three or five days. Tujia people also regard the ability to sing weeping wedding songs as a sign of women's wisdom and virtue. Brides need to "crying  for her parents", "crying for brother and sisters", "crying for matchmaker", "crying for flower",  "crying for her ancestos r", "crying for a car" and so on. A few Miao people also married in this way.