Tujia Spring Festival-Hurry on New Year

Tujia Spring festival is the most important festival for Tujia people. They celebrate the lunar new year one day earlier than the Han people . When the last month of the lunar calendar has 30 days, the will celebrate the New Year on the 39th in lunar calendar. In history of 1532, Japan invaded south of china, chieftain Pengyinan accepted the order form the royal on December 29th that he must commanded 3000 soldiers to defend aggression. Chieftain decided that they  would have new year ahead of one day so as to send off the soldiers. At last , they won the war and drove away the enemies . In order to commemorate those heroes, this custom has been kept from then . Tujia people call the celebration one day ahead of New Year’s eve as “Hurry o New Year” which ends before the fifteenth day of the first lunar month in the new year . From the first day of the new year  on , a variety of traditional events are held. such as paying dragon lanterns, jumping over the festive lanterns, playing stilt -waling and drums.