Zhangjiajie Tour Guide (Mathew Wei)

My name is Mathew, an English tour guide with 3 years experience working for discover zhangjiajie . I am a vigorous person who enjoys this career very much. I got a very standard English pronunciation and can communicate with foreigners freely. During these3 years time working as a tour guide in Zhangjiajie, I came across many customers from different part of the world and knew exactly what should I do to make them happy. Not only small group with two or three persons, but also big group exceeding 30 persons, no matter where are they from and what are their ages, I can handle them smoothly. I am familiar with the majority of the scenic spots in the Hunan Province. Long hours of hike is not a problem for me, . Good reputation from the customers and travel agencies is what I cherish and I will do whatever I can to safeguard it.Hope to meet you in Hunan as your tour guide. Thanks!