Travel Agent Delegations from 6 countries visited zhangjiajie

From November 21st to 25th, the Inbound travel agency delegations of 2023 China International Travel Mart  visited Zhangjiajie. Travel agents from six countries including Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Spain, and Germany visited Zhangjiajie Scenic areas, B&Bs   and cultural  creative product bases to experience the charm of zhangjiajie landscapes and appreciate the colorful folk customs of the ethnic groups. Li Zhi, Chinese Counselor in Mongolia and Director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar, and Wang Tao, Vice Mayor of Zhangjiajie Municipal People’s Government, attended the inspection tour.

The delegations came to Zhangjiajie City for a 5-day in-depth experience, conducting a in-depth FAM tour mainly  on “mountain, water, and culture” that represent Zhangjiajie’s high-quality humanities and natural sceneries, as well as boutique B&Bs, cultural creative product bases and other cultural tourism resources.

In the beginning of winter, hills are glowing red all over, with thickets of woods tinged in depth. The six-nation delegation groups visited Tianmen Mountain, Qixing Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon,representing the natural “mountain” landscapes .

They Experienced the world’s longest ropeway and the natural rock cave in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area;In Qixing Mountain, they Climed the 1520 Meters ‘ Eye of the Sky to enjoy the romance in a high altitude and ride the tube rail slide through the mountains to feel the speed and passion; In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, they saw the “miniature wonderland” and marvel at the incredible power of nature;

In the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, they felt the combination of cloud and sky and understood the power of bridge constrution in china. “Amazing!” and “Unbelievable!” were heard one after another during the visit. The delegations all showed their love for Zhangjiajie.

Amgalan Enkhzul, the president of Mongolia’s Zhutmingan Travel Agency, admired the strange peaks and rocks along the way, and stopped in front of many special attractions from time to time to take photos with friends who were traveling with him. He told reporters: “Zhangjiajie is really a very beautiful and wonderful place. I will take my friends to come here again next year, and welcome to visit Mongolia.”

“This is my first time to Zhangjiajie. I was shocked by the scenery. I will definitely travel to Zhangjiajie with my family if I have the opportunity in the future. After returning to my hometown, I will actively promote Zhangjiajie and let more people in India know about the magical wonderland Zhangjiajie.”  said Surender Meena  from india, General Manager of AVN Travel.

Surrounded by strange peaks and clear water,  Baofeng Lake Scenic Area is a representative scenic spot for  “water” landscape in zhangjiajie, the travel agent delegations took a boat trip together in Baofeng lake. with the unique mountains ,clear water,and melodious singing from local boys and girls ,with whom the delegations interacted with  full of joy. The interation and exchange of national culture through singing bring Zhangjiajie into a international city.

​The delegation also enjoyed the “cultural” landscape – the  Charming Xiangxi” performance and the “Tianmen Fox Fairy” performance, experiencing the Tujia primitive dance, Tujia folk songs, traditional customs of  marriage-crying, and the mysterious Xiangxi corpse-driving performance, and appreciating the love story of human and fox  acrossing the thousands of years, the fascination from the  real scenery of teh large-scale stage,and  the charm of  the excellent traditional culture of Zhangjiajie ethnic minority .

In addition, all the delegations are impressed by the convenient transportation, spacious and comfortable  B&B hotels, and perfect infrastructure in all the scenic spots .The intergration of gechnology and toursim such as The giant ropeway,The glass bridge and glass viewing platform and aerial photography on the peak of Yuan Jiajie,  allow  travel agents to gain different travel experiences.

“Zhangjiajie’s tourism infrastructure is very convenient, and it is worth learning for our tourism construction in Indonesia, In the future, we will also expand tourism promotion to Zhangjiajie in Indonesia to promote the development of tourism between the two countries.” said OEIJ HENDRA, head of the Indonesian delegation.

Li Zhi, Chinese Counselor in Mongolia and Director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar, said that tourism is an important channel for exchanges and mutual learning among different countries and civilizations, and is also an important engine for prospering the economy and meeting the needs of people of all countries for a better life. China and Mongolia are connected by mountains and rivers with profound historical origins, similar cultural traditions, rich and colorful natural landscapes and cultural heritage. The  cooperation in toursim industry  has a  great potential and broad prospect. This event will also effectively promote the exchnage and cooperation in tourism and the humanities betwin China and Mogolia.