Yangjiajie Ropeway

Yangjiajie Cable Way Station in Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie Cable Way Station in Zhangjiajie

Yangjiajie cable way is the third passenger cable way after Tianzi and Huangshi zhai Cable way in Wulingyuan world natural scenic area of Zhangjiajie. Its bottom station is located in Yejipu village, Zhonghu township,Zhangjiajie, and the uppers station is at the starting point of Wulong village travel route.

Yangjiajie cable way was invested for 1.7 billion yuan by Zhangjiajie tourism group company, the only listed joint-stock company in Zhangjiajie city, the construction started on December 8, 2012, and completed in February, 2014. In order to assure its safety and meet the international standards, they spend another 2 more months for repeated  debugging and testing .The cable way adopts French Poma rope way equipment, which is the world’s top double-loop rope way equipped with eight-person carriage. It is the most advanced passenger rope way in the world with a total length of 1876 meters, a vertical height difference of 517 meters between the 2 stations, 14 line supports, a maximum operating speed of 6 meters/hour, a maximum capacity of 2300 persons/hour, and a single operating time of 5.2 minutes. 

Yangjiajie Ropeway in Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie Ropeway in Zhangjiajie

Yangjiajie cableway,not only bring great convenience for tourist to get around Yangjiajie,Tianzishan mountain, Yuanjiajie and Huangshi village scenic spot in Zhangjiajie National forest par, but also help to reduce the big flow in Biaozhimen gate of Wulingyuan area in the peak season or holidays. 

Travel Tips

1. Ticket time: 07:10–17:30 in Summer, 07:40-16:50 in winter.  Operation time: 07:30-1800 in summer, 08:00-1700 in Winter

2. Ticket price of rope way is 76 yuan/person, tourists can buy tickets in the tickets office on spot.Each ticket can only be used once by one person. No refund or change after the ticket is sold out.

3. Tourists can get access to Yangjiajie rope way station by taking a free E-co shuttle bus either from Yangjiajie entrance gate or Longfeng An Bus staion which is close to the South gate of the park.

4. The seniors, disabled and children should be accompanied by their families when take the rope way.

5. Passengers who are suffering from severe hypertension, heart disease, infectious diseases, delirium and excessive drinking are not suggested to take the rope way.