Qianyang Ancient Town In Huaihua City

The ancient city of Qianyang is located in the upstream of Yuanshui river, a provincial historical and cultural city . The ancient city of Qianyang is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Ming and Qing dynasties in China. Surrounded by water on three sides, the ancient city is an important border town of West Hunan, Chu state and Miao state, known as “The gateway to Yunnan and Guizhou ” and “the first ancient town of West Hunan”. It is 1400 years earlier than Dayan ancient town of Lijiang in Yunnan and 900 years earlier than Fenghuang ancient city in Hunan Province. 

Qianyang ancient city is built in Han dynasty,and it is  prosperous in Tang and Song dynasty, flourishing in Ming and Qing dynasties, declining in the republic of China. If you are tired of the noisy and busy life in the city, come to this small ancient town to relax yourself .