Zhangjiajie Ten Li Gallery(Shili Hualang)

Fantastic Mountains in Zhangjiajie Ten miles gallery Fantastic Mountains in Zhangjiajie Ten miles gallery

People said that Ten Li Gallery is a Painting produce by great nature in Zhangjiajie National forest park. The Valley extend 4 kilometers and is wider than Golden Whip Stream. All of the amazing peaks and captivating rock formation rock formations have developed on both sides of the valley , and they merge into a single , endless line. As a visitor walks into the valley, it ‘s as if he or she is stepping into a graceful portrait of mountains and waterways. On the journey, one encounters such scenic spots as: the God of longevity greeting guests, The herb picking old man, and the Three sisters Peaks.

it will take roughly 40 minutes to walk from the beginning to the end, Tourists can take the sightseeing car to visit the this picturesque natural galley if they do not want to do the soft hiking .

Three Sisters Peak in Zhangjiajie Ten Miles Gallery Three Sisters Peak in Zhangjiajie Ten Miles Gallery

The Main Attraction Tourist will see in Ten Miles Gallery

The God of Longevity Greeting Guests: Look at the left side in the front, there is aged man smiling and waving hello to people. The God of Longevity has endured for centuries, even millions of years.  An observer once said that those who come to visit zhangjiajie will enjoy good helth and their lives will be prolonged. This results not only from the fresh air and considerable exercise, but also from being blessed b y the God of Longevity. 

Herb Picking Old Man:Within the region of the Ten Li Galley , this is a unique spot. You do not need any explanation, but can readily discern this special formation: there is a single crag shaped like an old man , he is bending over with a scarf, covering his head and a basket on his back. The gathering basket contains all manner of Chinese medicinal herbs. The old man’s face is clearly wrinkled  and his deep-set eyes . 

Three Sisters Peaks: In the front of us , there are three peaks rise up  from the valley and stand in a line. They appear to us as three sisters who are looking in every direction. What has capured their interest ? The eldest sister holds a baby in her arms. Do you have any idea who the infant’s father is ? The second sister has a bulging stomach and definitely appears to be pregnant. As the Youngest, she seems to be in a normal condition .

Travel Tips

1,The opening time of the scenic spot is 7:00-18:00. Always check your time to assure that you can catch the last E-co shuttle bus to get outside the park.

2, Entrance ticket is included in the park tickets as It is a part of Zhangjiajie national forest park.If choose to take the sightseeing tram,you need to pay extra.(36 yuan for one way). 

3,Most E-co shuttle buses will pass by and stop in this station, just remind the driver to drop you off.