ZhangjiajieTujia Folk Park

Tujia Minority Folk Park used to be the Palace of Tuijia King.This park  is the former Palace of Tujia King who we call Tusi. and it’s the only spot in Zhangjiajie Downtown where you could learn something about the local minority. Now it’s not only a beautiful garden but also people turn it into a nice museum. A short tour of 1 hour will make us understand the long past of this respectable ethnic group of China. Meanwhile.We’ll be able to see another World Guinness Record of Zhangjiajie inside it.

(Big stilt house for worship)(祭祀的吊脚楼)
 The first beautiful thing we see is the architecture on the left.  It’s called” Stilt House”. it’s the traditional styled house of Tujia also for Miao minority. Why the house is designed to be stilted up? because the western part of Hunan Province is very mountainous,there is not enough flat space for building the the house. the reason is the climate here is very humid and quite a lot of poisonous insects and snakes hidden somewhere on the group. In order to make the house an easy and safe place to live in, People figure out a very smart way to do it, that is to stilt the house up. In a way, it offers the house more flat space,in another way, it keeps the people away from dangerous animals since they live on the 2nd and upper floors. But the stilt house of this type we see is not for living. Can you guess what’s it for.? This is called “Dizhu Pavilion”,it’s the place to worship the god of the land. there are 5 pillars which stand for 5 directions of “South,North,West, East and Center”.After every time of harvest, Tujia people will come here to thanks the god by providing the pig head and different type of fruits,meanwhile,wish for the big harvest the next year. And we can also see some (5)faces carved on the pillars, there are ancestors of Tujia。

On the bridge facing the ” arch of”Biggest contribution in Southeast China”
What in front of us is a stone arch,on the top, there are 5 Chinese characters saying””Biggest contribution in Southeast China”. These 5 words have recorded a big glory of Tujia in history.(I think, the story has already be told at Golden Whip Stream when we saw the couple rock named”Getting together from a thousand miles,,Do you still have it in mind?  I m retelling it,no worries: About 500 years ago, when China was in Ming Dynasty, The coast line of the country was frequently disturbed by Japanese pirate,it became a big headache and pain for the Ming Government. then the emperor was recommended send the brave Tujia soldiers to the battlefields in southeast China. After 3 or years fighting, Japanese was defeated. In order to award Tujia warriors and honor the victory, the emperor made and delivered this magnificent arch to the king of Tujia with great compliment written on it. The arch really has witnessed this significant event in history.

Hands Waving Ground(摆手堂)
Now here we’ve arrived at a very happy place, it’s called “Hands Waving Ground”. Why the hands are waved? The reason refers to a traditional group dance of Tujia named “Hands Waving Dance.”  When it comes to the time for worship the ancestor, Tujia people will dance in circle. the movements actually are the imitations from the everyday life of Tujia,Such as:Combing hair, sweeping floor,or killing the mosquitos. or from farming parts.like,planting the rice, cutting wood,weaving clothes.etc. because most of the moves are from waving hands, then it’s named” Dance of Hands Waving”. then the place for the dance of course is called ” Hand Waving Ground”.

Totem Pillar(图滕柱)
 Here we see a standing totem pillar of 12m high for Tujia minority. On the top is a white tiger turned by the Tujia Ancestor after he passed away.Underneat are our 4 power gods like Hercules.it’s interesting that one of them.is very tricky because he is now pretending to lift this pillar very hard. Can you find out who is the lazy guy,based on your physical work experience? I think it’s not difficult to tell if you do physical work often.(客人观察,答…注意:自已要先知道是嘴张开的那位)(客人猜对:)Yes. You nailed it. but your secret has been revealed, Obviously,you have a lower position than the other members in your family.especially lower than your wife(Husband).and all the heavy work are asigned to be done by you. Otherwise  you won’t  have this  professional experience.(客人猜错:)I guess you have a lucky life and must live like a noble or princess who never has chance to do any physical work. You husband(wife) treats you very well.Normally the people who often do physical work all know if he wants to lift something heavy. it starts with taking a deep breath first, then close the mouth while pushing up. Think about  the athlete of weight lifting, you will get the picture.No one lifts things with mouth open.If so, there will be no air pressure inside to support the body to fulfil the movement, all the power and effort escape out from the open mouth. so this man doesn’t act like professional.

Front Side Of Nine Layered Sky(九重天正面)
Now here comes the important moment. let’s see the highlight of this park for the first time.What above us is the world highest stilt wooden house, 48m. It’s all made of wood without even using one nail. It used to be the government building for Tujia King. there are 9 floors. Why 9 floors, because in Chinese culture, the sky and heaven has 9 layers.and the hell, 18 floors.(Sometimes, we think the westerners are too soft when cursing someone. because we say deeper: you go the 18th layer of the hell.)OK. Follow me again. Let’s enjoy it from another side. it’s more impressive.