Jumping Rock on the Tuo River

Geographic Summary

The jumping rock on the Tuo River is situated on the river way of Tuo river which is outside the North gate of Phoenix Ancient town . 

This History of Jumping Rock

It was built in the 43rd year of the ultimate Emperor Kang xi,Qing Dynasty (1704),During the 1700s this was the main entrance route to come in and out of the Phoenix ancient town . During the time of the Qian jia revolution, orchestrated by the Miao people, phoenix uprising in Xin Hai revolutin and the War of liberation, this was always the main road to attack the phoenix ancient town. 

Jumping Rock’s Situation

The jumping rock is 100 meters long with 15 rock piers ranked oon the viverbed iin sequence. All the piers are made with red sand-stone and each pier has and equal spacing of 5 meters. The upper side is paved with wooden boards,which is bundled tightly by using iron chains and fixed on to the steel piles which are sitting at both ends of the river . All as added protection in case of flooding, At times have passed by , the jumping Rock is still very firm and has fully retained its character . Nowadays, it is not the only manin road to link the people living at either ends of the divide, but instead has taken on a new person as a beautiful part of the folk scenery of phoenix ancient town.  

Jumping Rock on the Tuoriver Fenghuang Ancient Town1
Jumping Rock on the Tuoriver Fenghuang Ancient Town