Travel to Zhangjiajie in 2020

With the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak in China is getting better, tourism industry in Zhangjiajie is  partly  allowed to be restored. DiscoverZhangjiajie Tours is gradually return to normal operation.

We’ll do our best to ensure you a safe trip. Meanwhile, you should always take care of yourself well like wash your hands often, avoid close contact with wild animals and poultries, avoid cough without masks, etc.

While everything is well prepared, it’s time to planning your exciting vacations! 

Zhangjiajie Tour Package in 2020                  Zhangjiajie Tour Package in 2020

Take a look at these amazing tours as your inspiration!

Note: Due to the coronavirus situation, the itineraries of some trips might be slightly changed. We’ll inform you while you inquiry. 

Day Tour to Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley in 2020                          Day Tour to Zhangjiajie Binlang Valley in 2020