The Window of The World

Changsha’s Window on the World changsha’s Window on the World is located in the northeast borough, and covers an area of 390,000 m. It is so far the largest project of cultural tourism and the most important film shooting base in Hunan. It not only exhibits models of architectural wonders, historic sites and places of great cultural interest in the world, but also combines exotic residences and folk customs with performances of unique ethnic styles. With the fast development of Hunan TV and entertainment industries, it has been turned into a wonderland Artistic performances are the soul of the theme park. The folk stunts given at the Xiang River Valley are extremely amazing; the funny diving from a high position by American acrobats keep visitors convulsed with laughter; the European wedding ceremony of the Valley of Love makes sightseers’stay here unforgettable all their life; the water curtain movie and the musical fountain at the valley of Happiness provide a chance to feel the temptation of high technology.

When night falls, The skilled actors and actress of the five continents art troupe put on various kinds of national performances in the five continents Grand Arena, which bring out the mystery and naivety of African art , the brilliance of magnificence of Asian art , the decency and luxury of the European art and the romance and hospitality of American art .

Thanks to sports games held here around 2008 bejing Olympic games, Changsha’s Window on the world has been more thriving. It is indeed a combination of great architecural wonders , Exotic folk customs and entertainment industries.