Round-Trip flight Kuala Lumpur-Zhangjiajie Opens

On the afternoon of the 15th,Oct, 2023, The Malaysian Bati Air flight OD622 arrvied at Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport,marking the international flights from Zhangjiajie to Malaysia opens officially. it is the ninth international route in Zhangjiajie this year, and it is also the first regular direct flight from Zhangjiajie to Malaysia

The round-trip flight from Zhangjiajie to Kuala Lumpur is operated by Bati Air (formerly named Malindo Air). The aircraft type is B737. It flies every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, and the single flight time is about 4 hours and 50 minutes. The specific flight time is: Kuala Lumpur-Zhangjiajie flight number is OD622/OD623, departure from Kuala Lumpur at 9:30 and arrive at Zhangjiajie at 14:25; departure from Zhangjiajie at 15:25 and arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 20:05.

Malaysia is one of the major inbound tourists markets of Zhangjiajie and The opening of the new flight route will build a bridge for communication between the two places to better promote business, tourism and folk cultural exchanges.

Since the beginning of this year, Zhangjiajie has fully supported the resumption of international flights, There are 9 flight routes in Zhangjiajie now, including Zhangjiajie-Thailand,Zhangjiajie- Hanoi,Zhangjiajie- Ho Chi Minh,Zhangjiajie- Vietnam,Zhangjiajie- Incheon,Zhangjiajie- Busan,Zhangjiajie- South Korea, and Zhangjiajie-Malaysia.