Zhangjiajie Sanxia Guo

Sanxiaguo is the most popular dish in Zhangjiajie city ,it’s a local mixed hot pot with different meats anf veggies that people eat it almost everyday , even in the hot summer time .

Sanxiaguo can be divided into 2 types according to the cooking way(Dry Hotpot and Souped Hotpot), the dry one is very oily without soup , it is mainly spicy flavor. And the souped one is more soft and tender.

Zhangjiajie Famous Dishes-Sanxiaguo

Speaking of Sanxiaguo , there is an interesting story in history. In Ming dynasty , The Emperor Mingshizong sent local Tujia army to fight against the enemy from Japan , it chanced that the Chinese New year was just around the corner, so the General Mr Qin ordered all the soldiers to celebrate the New year one day ahead. so all The families put bacon, Tofu and radish together and cooked them in one pot.  Eventually , this dishes get a name of San xia guo mainly because it is cooked with 3 ingredients. But nowadays, people actually put more than 3 such as, fat intestine, tripe of beef, sheep, and other ingredients.

Zhangjiajie local hot pot-Sanxiaguo