Do Tourists Need a Guide In Zhangjiajie

One Advantage Without Guide
It saves a portion in tour budget at first place.(Notice: it’s not sure that the expense you save can eventually go into your saving pocket, because you may spend more on other parts when there is no information from the local guide)
Advantages With A Guide In Zhangjiajie ( Just some facts, not convincing.)
1,Zhangjiajie is the place full of stories. The half of the beauty  lies inside the local’s memory,.Without a local guide,you only can enjoy the visual amazingness, then miss the other half in culture,which is at the same leveled beauty as what you see. It will be a pity that just travel with eyes.

2 ,Zhangjiajie is not an easy place for English-speakers to travel. Most of the tours base on transportation, especially, Zhangjiajie National Park, The shuttle bus is assigned by the operator improvisedly,so it changes every time, Different one takes you to different area where again are complicated in directions and walking trails. If you made one mistake, the whole day would be ruined, and you have to spend more time in solving the trouble rather than enjoying the trip. But if you have a long tour duration (5+days)which allows you to make mistakes, it would OK to do it without guide. because you could have time to go back to the area you miss the day before.

Advantages to have a guide
1, you may not know how to make your duration fully performed by creating a suitable itinerary which can cover the highlighted classic area and hidden surprising ones. With the help of guide, he will tailor-make your time, everything would go in a most efficient and cost effective way, and your tour would have higher value in the short time period. Wastes no time. See as much as possible without any mistake being made.

2,With a guide, You would not only have visual experience in nature, But also hear the wonderful stories or local legends behind the attractions,which actually are the other half of the beauty of Zhangjiajie. They could touch you deeply in a totally different way. And with a guide, you would get a chance to know the local’s life, and understand the difference of other beings, which is always an indispensable part of travel. It will be a big pity of incompleteness if miss either of them.
3, You may spend more on other parts due to the deficiency in information. If there is reliable person, he will try his best to think of you and find potential possibilities to save money for you at other parts of your tour.