Zhangjiajie Tour Guide (Esther Chen)


Dear friends, I am Esther , My Chinese name is Chen Haiyan,. 

As a saying goes: Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books. I believe that traveling is the best way to see the world and read the life. through my tour guiding experience, i found the older I become, the more i saw , the more I realize I actually know very little about the world, people and life, this really motivated me to work harder and keep a learning heart always so that i can move ahead forever. i see that the world is so much bigger than my expected and it helps me to keep a humble heart but not be self-centered always. yes, we are really not the big fish in the ocean, but just a tiny minnow in a pothole. i believe humility is the most important character for human beings.

Traveling also empowers me to take on new challenges. with a humble heart, i can be more open to learning from other people at different situations.Traveling also gives me empathy for other’s suffering. When i travel, I learn how much I truly have that I take for granted, and my heart is shocked one day when i saw the poor people ‘s life and heard their suffering stories, then I learned to cherish and giving thanks, and realize that it’s part of my responsibility to share and help those in need.

These traveling experience can help me to double check about the definition of my life , and it reminds me about what is the true meaning of my life and what is the best way to spend the rest of my life.

Besides, of course, traveling pushes our educational horizons. I think traveling can help us to improve every espect of our life understanding. etc.

All in all, traveling can be a treasure in one’s life, i like traveling and sharing beautiful and true stories with friends from all walks of life and all over the world. i believe that life experience is a great treasure, and traveling is something really enrich our life experience.

As a full-time English tour guide, I think this is my first job and i guess it will also be my last job.
I believe that every tourist group i guide is a gift in my life and I hope Myself also can be a blessing to yours.
All right, Dear friends, I hope I will meet you and be your tour guide someday, i am looking forward to see you in Zhangjiajie.
Thank you very much!