Chenzhou Talismans

Back to over 50 thousand years ago, thewitchcraft Culture (Wunuo in local language ) in the five stream area was more developed than that in the central plains of China, with Chenzhou (Today it ‘s Yuanling in Hunan Province)being the leader. Covering a total area of 580 square km, 

Yuanling, the biggest county in Hunan, consists of a number of high moutains and deep valleys , exuberant forests limestone caves, however, today’s Yuanling is relatively backward in terms of culture.

Long practices by spiritualists gave birth to the witchery and sorcery which completely changed the nature of Witchcraft Culture Talismans were created so that the powerful.witchery and sorcery stayed after spiritualists were gone. Originally, talismans were a fixed sorcery with endless power. After adopted by the Taoism, talismans began to serve as a trump of Taoism for protecting people. Or expelling and suppressing the evils. Spiritualists relied on talismans wherever they practiced the rituals, which proved the Far-ranging power of talismans. They were presented in a variety of forms: some were drawn in the air, in water or in a bowl with a burning incense or a piece of burning paper. Some were created with chopsticks or sharp swords in alcohol cups or bowls filled with chicken blood, some were caved oon the ground, on wooden floors or on rocks, others  were engraved oon wood blocks for printing in lots so that they could be put up wherever they were needed. Wherever there was a talisman, there was a spell going along. Some spititualists drew their own talismans which were inherited by their following generations without being divulged to ohters. Usually , most denior folks are able to draw some easy ones. Originally , Chenzhou talismans was a kind of witchcraft for treatment featured its method of treatment with spell water instead of medicine.