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Chinese Name: 芙蓉镇 English IPA: Hibiscus Town Location: Northwest of Hunan Population (city): 33,139 Language: Tujia Language Zip code: 416707 Tel code: 0743 Time zone:

Originally named Wangcun, Furong township once served as the capital city of Tusi prefecture(an offical name for areas inhabited by minority groups in Qin and Hang dynasties from 221BC to 220AD)with an ancient name of Youyang. Thank to its unique geographical position on the northern shore of Youshui River in Yongshun county from where Sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei and Yunnan could be easily reaced, this town maintained an important place during the reign of Tusi King. The convenient transportation also won a title “Mini Nanjing” for the town where traders and traveller flooded in and out in an endless stream. Furong township began to attract tourists since early 1980s when the movie Hibiscus Town (Furong township)was shot here by a prestigious director Xie Jin based on a novel by the same name written by Gu Hua.

Highlights of Furong Town

Eat Liu Xiaoqing Rice Tofu 
Liuxiaoqing Rice Tofu in Furong Town Liuxiaoqing Rice Tofu in Furong Town

Furong Ancient town became  famous after the release of the movie “Furong town”,the most memorable scene in the movie is Liu xiaoqing selling rice tofu in the old street,so taste the local Rice tofu is a must for tourist traveling to Furong town.You will find plenty rice tofu shops with a name of “Liu xiaoqing Rice tofu”,keep in mind that the No. 113  Rice tofu is the exact location where Liu Xiaoqing selling Rice tofu in the movie.



Wangcun Waterfall
Furong Town Waterfall Furong Town Waterfall

The big waterfall is the highlights in Furong town,with 60 meters high and 40 meters wide,the waterfall is the largest waterfall in Xiangxi area.The spectacular waterfall falls down from the cliff in two stages, What is more special is that the waterfall is completely different in color from day to night, it is pure white in the day and change into purple color with lighting in the night time.People can walk on the stone path under the waterfall,the water makes you feel cool and wet while walking through.

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    Furong Town Attractions

    Furong town not only rich in beautiful landscape and  ethnic customs, but also has abundant cultural landscapes such as Xizhou copper column, a state key cultural relic that records the political and military history of tujia people,Flagstone Street,Tusi palace and So on. Wuli Flagstone street  Furong town, an ancient town inhabited by the tujia people, has a well-preserved flagstone street, there are shops and stilted Tujia buildings on the both side.From here, you can see the Furong town big waterfall and the Tusi [...]

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    Transportation in Furong Town  The transportation in Furong town runs smoothly . it is just 20 kelometres away from the Meng Dong River Station of Jiaojiu railway . There are a lot of trian running through Mengdong river station which  with destinations such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing all catered for .  The sistance between Furong town and  Jishou is 68 kelometers , and it is only 90 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie. There is direct buses runs between Furong town and Zhangjiajie. How [...]

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    Furong Town Accommodation

    In addition to a few hotels in Furong town, the most popular place to stay is guest house and home stay inns, there are kinds of guest houses on by the riverside, most of them are elegant, clean and comfortable. [...]

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