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Chinese Name: 衡阳 English IPA: Hengyang Location: Southeast of Hunan Population (city): 726 Million Language: Hengyang Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Located in the middle reaches of the Xiang River in South Hunan, Hengyang is bordered by Zhuzhou on the east, Chenzhou and Yongzhou on the south, Shaoyang and Loudi on the west and Xiangtan on the north. It has jurisdiction over 1 city and 6 counties, with an area of 15, 300 km, and a population of about 7. 26 million( of which about 1. 2 million are city dwellers hunan-guangxi Railway and the confluence of the 3 rivers of Xiang, Zheng and Lei, it is endowed As the junction of the beijing-guangzhou Railway, the wuhan guangzhou Railway and the with excellent transport facilities, and has long been a gate of Hunan to Guangdong and Guangxi, and a place of strategic importance for which warlords contended time and time again The time honored city began to be inhabited as early as the Neolithic Age, and had always been the seat of the city or county government since the last years of the Western Han dynasty(206 bc–25 AD). In its long history of civilisation, it attracted or gave birth to many celebrities Emperor shun’s inspection in the south and Emperor yu’s diversion of flood both add to its antiquity, while Cai lun’s(?-121) invention of paper and Zhu Xi(1130-1200) and Zhang Shis (1133–1180) lectures on idealist philosophy increase its glory Since the Tang dynasty(618 907), many noted personages have lived here, leaving behind a lot of monumental works. Wang Fuzhi (or Wang Chuanshan, 1619–1692), a great thinker at the turn of the Ming dynasty(1368 1644), was a brilliant star of the scholars born here.In 1687, Wu Sangui(1612–1678), a Ming general who surrendered to the Manchu army, even pro-claimed himself emperor and founded a kingdom here to fight against the Qing dynasty(1616-1911). It is also the birthplace of Xia Minghan(1900-1928), a revolutionary martyr in the first half of the 20th century, and Luo Ronghuan(1902-1963), one of the ten marshals of New China

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Hengyang, " the city to the south of the Hengshan Mountain", is known as " the city of wild geese", for wild geese migrating from the north were said to always stay here for the cold winter Besides the South Mountain in its south, it boasts dozens of scenic spots and historic sites. The Returning Goose Peak, towering over the Xiang River, is said to be where wild geese started their flight back to the north. Before the bombing by [...]

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As a key tourist resort of Hunan, Hengyang offers quite satisfactory service facilities.The Goose City Hotel, a joint-venture in down-town Hengyang, towers over a spacious courtyard. It not only has a nice environment but also offers pleasant services. Its well-appointed main building is a unique structure combining the modern style with national features The Returning Goose Hotel, located near the railway station, is especially inviting to guests for its convenient transportation. With all the tiny bridges spanning murmuring brooks, the paths wind-ing among flower beds and the elephants and deer carved out of stones in the courtyard, the hotel has a beautiful environment and displays the style of landscape gardens in South China The South Mountain Hotel, covering an area of 66, 000 m at the mirror-rubbing Terrace near the Halfway Pavilion, consists of 12 villa-like guesthouses, some of which were private residences of high ranking officials before 1949. Newly renovated, it offers as many as 150 comfortable rooms and mainly receives personages and overseas tourists [...]

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