Febrina Group’s 10 Days Kunming,Dali,Lijiang and Shangrila Tour

Dear Kelly,

Here are some notes from our 10 days adventure in Yunnan
1. Overall is good
1. The food is suitable with our indonesian tongue, considering that indonesian are friendly with chinese food. Although we fill that some restos, the food is a bit too oily.
ps: it’s good to have our guide around, becase we have difficulty in discussing the food with the waitress (for example asking for spicy food, asking for spoon, how to cook….is it boiled or stir with oil etc).
2. The hotel overall is great, except of course for the hotel in meili snow (one room, that is my room has no door in the bathroom, so it’s not conviniece when we use toilet etc). Note about hotel in Dongchuan (the Red Earth) ….. it’s a bit old, any maybe because not so many people stay the room is ‘not fresh’…… but still acceptable

2. I think indonesian young traveller like has different “attitude” in enjoying the scene compare to chinese or other nationality. We Loooveeeees to feel the atmosphere, the ambiance, look around, talk with local people etc etc. So no need to RUSH in every spot. I notice that at few spot the guide is a bit in rush, so we need to ask him to take it easy and slowly.

Also, it is very important for us to take picture as many as possible. Maybe it is part of our SHARING culture. So everytime we finish a holiday, all friends and relatives urge to see as many pictures as possible for their reference.

3. It will be GREAT if the guide, tell as AS MANY background story as possible about the view or any place we visit. Because we didnt receive any brochure or documents that tell the story about Yunnan/ Lijiang/ Shangrilla others. If possible, Yunnan Travel can give like a “manual book” for foreigners….some infos that you put in your website.

Ny Ma tell so many stories about TIbetan. But Sandy don’t give to much about Lijiang or Naxian or others. Curtis even worst because tell us nothing about local culture etc etc. (only a very few like don’t expect too much the color maybe not as good as in winter).

So far these that I can remember 😀

Thank you Kelly