Miao Drum Dancing

In the history, Miao tribe was very strong and called Chiyou. BC 2600, the miao tribe was driven into the southwest mountains by Huang tribe and Yan tribe, who became the first legendary ruler of China later. On the way to the great migration, they threw everything even burning words but the drum. As a tribal emblem, one drum was on behalf one tribe and was considered as worship of the deity. If all drums march in the same time. it mean all the people united as one and nothing can daunt them. There are two kinds of drum dancing including celebrating the harvest and praying to Gods. During the Spring Festival, the lunar calendar April eight, Ganqiu, marriage, killing buffalo, welcoming guests they all march the drums so as to express their emotions. ||Zhangjiajie Culture Tours, Miao Minority Culture, Hunan Ethnic Culture Tours||Miao Custom and Cuture, Xiangxi Tours, Things To Do in Xiangxi||Miao Drum Dancing is