Yuanjiajie — Avatar Mountain

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Sky Garden Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Sky Garden

Yuanjiajie scenic area is located on the north part of zhangjiaje national forest park ,covering an total area of 1200 hectares and its altitude of 1074 meters.Close to huangshi village, bordering tianzi mountain area and yangjiaije area, which is the major attraction in the whole wulingyuan scenic area and most popular with tourists.Since the hot release of American film Avatar, yuanjijie have been concerned increasingly by people. Nowadays, zhangjiaje city has become a hot spot what is popular with all over the world.Apparently, the number of the visitors has exceeded that of huangshi vilage scenic spot and tianzi mountain scenic spot.

Yuanjiajie natural scenery has a style of its own. The tour line on the top of the cliff is 3500 meters long. The major scenic spot in Yuanjiajie: Mihun stage,the fist bridge, avatar floating mountain

Mihun Stage: this is a opening place for you can enjoy magic scenery. “Mihun” means is that too beautiful you will lost in here.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Sky Garden1 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Sky Garden

The No.1 Natural Bridge: this natural stone bridge, connecting two natural mountain peaks, is 3 meters wide, 40 meters long, and 5 meters thick. With a height of 357 meter about sea level. From top to see the valley of the mountain , you just fell you are almost fall down, so exciting if you sand it. To be honestly, here must be the first bridge in the work, do you agree?

Floating Mountain: there are more famous after this avatar movie, not also chinese people visit here, but more and more tourist from other countries. So awesome in yuanjiajie. This is my exception.

You will never forget here when you be here to see such a beautiful view gives you a feeling of actuallybeing there. 

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