Zhangjiajie Kuzhu Old Village

“kuzhu” means “high mountain on both sides” in tujia language.  Kuizhu village is 19.5 kilometers away from Sangzhi county(35 minutes by car ). 91.5 kilometers away from downtown zhangjiajie,(2 hours and 20 minutes by car); It is 121.5 kilometers away from the core scenic spot of wulingyuan in zhangjiajie(3 hours by car) ,2.5 kilometers away from jiutian cave; 39 km away from maoyan river rafting,(1 hours by car); 40 km away from the former residence of he long,(40 minutes by car ), 99 km away from the badagong mountain(1.5 hours by car)

Kuzhu Village is an old transportation port in the upstream of Li river, where many merchants gathered in the ancient market. The ancient wind and fire wall, and the stilted building is showing the wisdom of tujia people to the visitor,  In the Li river coast, the trace of human activities has been tracked to the paleolithic age more than 300 million years ago, and Sangzhi county also has a history of more than 2,200 years.

According to expert research, the ancient town was built in tang and song dynasties and flourished in Ming and Qing dynasties, with a history of nearly 2,000 years.

In sangzhi revolutionary period, He long, one of the top ten general in china , has walked around all mountains and the villages on the Li river. Kuzhu village is a mixed ethnic minority village on the Li river, which retains architectural characteristics of Ming and Qing dynasties. With simple folk customs, villagers are good at singing and dancing. Many Sangzhi folk songs are spread by the singers of Kuzhu village.  At night, the village lights up red lights,  once a time, when the red army marched through the village at night, an old woman in the village was afraid of the red army’s could not see the road in the dark, so she hung a red light in front of her house. Other villagers tried to follow her, and the village became a world of lights. This story was written into a song, named “hanging a lamp in front of the door.”