Zuo Long Gorge (Sitting Dragon Gorge)

The Zuolong Gorge , is also named Sitting Dragong Gorge, hidden in deep mountain is their favorite spot in western Hunan,  It is a place where tourists can experience a fun nature adventure and an authentic culture interaction with minorities. The 1st  part is 1.5 hours’ hike-up with iron chains in a narrow but beautiful valley decorated by waterfalls and wild stones, it’s a really special way to do a tour. when we reach a pretty Tujia villages on the top, the hike ends, but we begin the 2nd part with a lovely home stay offered by hospitable Tujia people,by which we could see, join their simple but different life.by which again,we would understand more on our owns. They cook or they teach us to cook the food from their fields, it cannot be more healthy. At night, it’s so quiet that you can hear a needle dropping. It’s a place to listen to the wind and rain, a place to escape from the disturbance of city. when wake up in the morning, we may feel ourselves being purified in heart. This is a great great spot for a real travel experience in nature and culture.