Yellow stone village(Huangshizhai)

It is no avail of your trip to zhangjiajie, unless you come to the summit of yellow stone village.Yellow stone village is a large viewing platform, averaging over 1100 meters over sea level and Covering an area of about 16,7 hectares as its top. Yellow stone village is reputed as “the enlarged potted landscape and miniature fairyland.

If you are here ,i think you will be shocked by such a breaking view. There is a famous saying; it make us surprised in five step, astonished in seven steps and shocked in ten steps.let’s start exploring it!

Walking around the ridge of the yellow stone village is almost 3 kilometers,it will take us 2 hour, and think of it as getting exercise. There are also two miraculous function at top of the mountains, one is good for your lungs, another is keep your skin soothed and moist. along the way, there are numerous wonderful view in here; six wonders pavilion, star gathering stage or pick star platform, five fingers peaks, front garden, heicongnao, golden turtle in the clouds sea…

Six wonder pavilion: before beginning, we’ll first go to visit the six wonder pavilion-the only human landscapes spot on the mountain, and overlook the view of the yellow stone village. Why it is named “six wonder pavilion”? the answer is: six wonder refer to mountain,water, clouds, stones, animals and plants. Six wonder pavilion also is a best position to see the scenery of the mountain.

Pick star platform: when you stand here, you will have special feeling about the heave and earth. How come have this place so so glorious and splendid in this word? Especially at night, you may be fell here is so close to the sky and make you want to pick some start in the night sky.

Five-fingers peak: these peaks in front of us look like human fingers, but for sure seeing like this view must need your imagination. These finger was created by nature- all of these amazing scenery are created by the hand of the mother nature.

Front garden: Here we called ‘front garden’, proving this spot is very beautiful enough. You are able to experience of four seasons.because with the abundance of sunshine and rain in here, all kinds of flowers blossom at the whole year. It is so beautiful that people can not believe it!

Golden turtle in could sea; usually fog is a bad thing, but sometimes, you know in a special circumstance; Good and bad are but names very readily transferable to that or this. So when it rains, here will show you different scene as if golden turtle swim in the could sea, unbelievable!

Yellow stone village is one of most important sight in zhangjiajie national forest park. When you have a chance to visit zhangjiaije, dont’ miss it! Here will bring you a big surprise!