The Ways to Avoid the Tourist Crowds in Zhangjiajie

The busy tourism season of Zhangjiaie normally starts from March 8th( Woman’s day)to middle of Nov. and there are some periods of time that are crazily crowded and busy: May 1st-5th (Labor’s Day), Oct 1st-5th.(National Day).In addition, as long as there is a festival (Including Chinese Traditional Festivals), it would be unavoidably crowded at popular spots.
But in busy seasons, there are still some short off-season periods which have less tourists than usual.
 1,The beginning of June.
The off-period lasts for a week. Because from June 7-9th,there is a most important exam called “university-qualification” for high school students to attend. So people stay still and nervously at school or home to practice and do preparation till it’s over.
2, The beginning of Sept.
It’s the school time after summer holiday, students go back to school,people go back to work. so there is a 10 days light period after the end of August.
3, After May 5th, and Oct 5th.
The long holiday is just over, tourists go back to their route work and life.
The off tourism season in China is from Middle of Nov to March 8th (Woman’s day).
but there are some busy periods during it: 1:New Year Day (Jan 1-3rd.)2:Spring Festival, (counted in Lunar Date, usually in Feb,it will be a busy week.
The ways to avoid the tourist crowds
First notice: there is No VIP Entrance for tourist who want to pay higher fee to enter early or avoid line-up.(The common way to avoid the crowds and queue.)
1 Reschedule the tour route to keep away from the tourist crowds
2 Choose a good timing to visit.(Earlier or Later, avoid the peak time)
3 Hotel location: Choose the hotel near the park entrance, even in the park. It will give you more time than the tourists staying far from the scenic area.
4 Spend more to hire a local resident’s van in the park if there is one, to beat the queue waiting for the park bus.
Notice: If it’s 100% impossible to make it better, Please be patient in queue ,just try anything you can to create your own fun,(Such as reading booking,play games, or as I suggest here : Try your best to communicate with your neighbors by language or hand language. Always remember interacting with people is an dispensable and interesting part of high-valued travel.