Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-View Bridge Platform Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-View Bridge Platform

Zhangjiajie  National Park is the 1st national Park of China founded in 1982. Within the size of 269sqkm, there are 3013 single peaks formed by unique sandstone quartz ,erecting with different shapes.Due to the unearth-like views, it’s been highly praised by Chinese as the “Enlarged Bonsai, Miniature Fairyland” to define its beauty. Now So far, it owns 2 most precious international titles of fame like: UNESCO’s World Nature Heritage, Global Geo Park.It is informally renamed by western tourists as:”Avatar Mountain Area”for it’s chosen to be the background of Avatar movie.

so even a simple tour could offer a way for anyone to escape from the old earth to the outer space for a fresh breath.What’s more to be incredible?A Kingdom Of Plant is found existing in this single limit-sized area.There are more than twice as many as the entire Europe has in terms of types and it’s growing prosperously in a complete ecosystem. A tour here can offer you a short escape from the old earth for a fresh breath in the outer space.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Yuanjiajie Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Yuanjiajie

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Travel Tips

1.The opening time of Zhangjiajie forest park scenic spot is 7.00am-18:00, all shuttle buses ,elevators and cable ways in the park will stop running at 18:00, but it will extend the running time in the peak season during summer time or golden week holidays. The ticket office closed at 17:00 and there are people on duty for 24 hours a day. Zhangjiajie forest park area is quite large, it is recommended not to go in after 4:00PM, as there is not much time to pay a visit to any scenic spot in the park.

2.Tickets of Zhangjiajie national forest park is 228rmb/person,tourists can buy the tickets in the tickets office on the spot, always bear in mind not believe in any cheap tickets offered by local scalper.The ticket is valid for 4 days, that means tourist can use the tickets to get in and out of the park within 4 days. There are free E-co shuttle buses transfer tourist from place to place inside the park, but need to pay extra for riding the elevator, cable way or sightseeing car. 

3.Tourist can get access to Zhangjiajie national forest park through 5 different gates, they are Wulingyuan wujiayu ticket station (east gate),Zi mu gang ticket station (southeast gate),Zhangjiajie national forest park gate (south gate),Tianzi mountain ticket station (northwest gate),Yangjiajie ticket station (west gate). Click here to see  more information about the 5 entrance gate of Zhangjiajie national park.