Suggestions for Accommodation in Zhangjiajie

There are several places you can stay while traveling in Zhangjiajie.  

♦ Wulingyuan Town, which is close to the Wujiayu tickets office(Also name  East Tickets station of Zhangjiiajie National Forest Park) . Highly recommend tourist to stay in Wulingyuan town , as it will make your trip more smooth with great convenience .   There are all kinds of hotels in different level located in Wulingyuan town, most of the hotels are walking distance to the Wujiayu tickets office . And most other popular scenic attractions are located in or around Wulingyuan area, including Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Glass Bridge ( 28 km), Baofeng Lake, Yellow Dragon cave, Jiangya Hot Spring . 

Recommended Hotels In Wulingyuan Area

  • Pulllman Zhangjiajie   5 star       
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts   5 Star     
  • Xiangruige Boutique Hotel     local 4 star standard 

♦ Zhangjiajie City (Close to Zhangjiajie Airport , Train Station , Tianmen Mountain).  For Those who arrive in the late night or catch early flight in the morning better to have a night hotel in Zhangjiajie city .  

Recommended Hotels In Zhangjiajie Downtown

  • Best Western Grand Hotel Zhangjiajie   5 star 
  • Sunshine Hotel & Resort Zhangjiajie     5 star 
  • Huatian Hotel       5 star 
  • Mellow Crystal Hotel   4 star 
  • Zhangjiajie International Hotel   4 star 

Good Inns and Boutique Hotels in Zhangjiajie City  

  • The Mansion Inn Dream Mansion 
  • Hotel California
  • Niuguanjia Modern Hotel         

♦ Zhonghu Township (Yangjiajie Ticket Office, Northwest Tickets Office of Zhangjiiajie National Forest Park), Located in west of Wulingyuan District , Zhonghu township is 43 km away from Zhangjiajie city , it takes 80 minutes to get there from airport ,train station or Zhangjiajie city . Frankly speaking , it is not recommended to stay in this area for those who have a tight tour in Zhangjiajie as it takes long time on driving to get to  Zhangjiajie Grand canyon ,  glass bridge, Yellow dragon cave, and glass bridge . 

The advantage for staying in Zhonghu Township .  1, Avoid crowds in the peak season for going to Zhangjiajie national park . 2, A wonderful countryside view with great peaceful.

Good Inns and Boutique Hotels in Zhonghu Township

  • No. 5 Valley  Inn
  • Yuelu Hostel (Zhangjiajie Forest Park)
  • Forest homestay at sunrise
  • Homeward mountain hotel

♦ Tianzishan Town (Also name Sinanyu, the North Tickets Office of Zhangjiiajie National Forest Park)

♦ Xiehe Township  Near Zimugan Tickets Office( also name South Tickets office of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park)

♦ Zhangjiajie National Park Gate Area (Named West Tickets Station Of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park)

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