Fast Train Between Changsha and Zhangjiajie

Fast Train to Zhangjiajie Fast Train to Zhangjiajie

The opening of Qianzhangchang(Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde) railway has connected the northwest Hunan, southwest Hubei and southeast Chongqing with high-speed trains, it makes faster with great convenience for people travel to Zhangjiajie from Qianjiang(Near Chongqing),Laifeng(In Hubei Pronice),Longshan,Sangzhi,Changde and Changsha.The Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde Railway(336.257 km ) connecting Changde in Hunan and Qiangjiang in Chongqing, extending to Changsha from Changde with C-series high-speed train.The following are the train schedule information. 

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Changsha Railway Station⇒Zhangjiajie West Station
Train No.  Departure Time Arrival Time Price (Second Class )  
C8030 06:28 09:34 108CNY  
C8040 07:38 10:34 113CNY  
C8052 11:17 14:41 100CNY  
C8036 12:16 15:28 103CNY  
C8032 13:20 16:43 103CNY  
C8042 14:15 17:15 108CNY  
C8050 18:44 22:09 108CNY  
C8034 20:40 23:40 108CNY  
Zhangjiajie West Station⇒Changsha Railway Station
Train No.  Departure Time Arrival Time Price (Second Class )  
C8051 07:40 11:01 108CNY  
C8035 08:30 11:56 108CNY  
C8031 09:50 13:05 108CNY  
C8041 10:49 10:49 108CNY  
C8037 15:50 19:33 103CNY  
C8033 17:00 20:19 108CNY  
C8043 17:30 20:30 113CNY  
C8053 18:08 21:36 108CNY