zhangjiajie Overview

Basic information of Zhangjiajie

Geographical location: it is located in the joint part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau upwarping region and Dongting Lake depression area in Central China, and between 109°40′E to 111°20′E and 28°52′N to 29°48′N, and the longest is 167km in east-west direction, the widest is 96km in south-north direction.

Total area: 9653 sq.km.

Total population: 1,720,000, including 33 ethnic minorities such as Tujia, Bai and Miao nationality, and ethnic minorities make up 77.2%.

Districts and counties under jurisdiction: prefecture-level city was established in 1988, which governs Yongding District, Wulingyuan District, Cili County and Sangzhi County.

Tourism brands: World National Heritage, World Geopark, the first National Forest Park in China, first national AAAAA scenic spot

Main honors: Chinese excellent tour city, national civilized scenic spots, one of the most popular cities in overseas

Green home: Forest coverage rate in the city reaches up to 69.62%, and it has 2 national level natural reserve areas and 4 national forest parks

Tourist Resort: in 2016, it received 61,430,000 Chinese and foreign visitors, achieving revenue RMB 44.3 billion yuan. It received guests from more than 50 countries and regions.

Traditional Village in Zhangjiajie

  • Yuanguping Town
  • Kuzhuzhai Tujiajie Village
  • Shiyanping Traditional Tujia Village
  • Siduping Township

Language in Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is a gathering place for ethnic minorities, mainly inlcuding Tujia and Miao, Tujia language is the main language in the ancient time. However, Nowadays only the sennior people living in the remote Tujia villages know how to speak Tujia language. People in urban or rural areas peak the local Zhangjiajie dirlect, local people generally communicate with the outside world in mandarin communication. There are not many people speak English except for some hotel staffs and English Guide .  so it is recommend to hire a guide to get around in Zhangjiajie.

Post office and postcard

It is very convenient to send postcards in Zhangjiajie. There are five or six post offices in the city. Zhangjiajie postcode: 427000.

Some of the Entrance tickets and Cable way tickets can also be sent as postcards, be remember to add more stamp if you wanna send it to cities outside China . There are post offices with postcards  for sale in Huangshi village scenic area , Tianzi mountain scenic area , Tianmen Mountain scenic area and Baofeng lake scenic area . However, to make sure your postcards arrive safely , it is recommended to send it to the post office in the city if you have time to do it , or can ask your guide to send it for you .

Service hall of postal center:

Address: north daqiao road, zhangjiajie (north of lishui bridge)     Contact information: 0744-8211551

Transportation: take bus no. 1, 4 and 5 and get off at the post office building

Bank in Zhangjiajie

There are many Banks in downtown zhangjiajie, mainly industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank and construction bank. Tickets and Cable ways in most large scenic spots can also be paid by credit card, but cash is still a must in scenic spots because there are no ATMs. just bring the right amount of cash. however, as Zhangjiajie is a small city, most of the small hotels and restaurant in Zhangjiajie do not accept international credit card , wechat pay and alipay is most popular way in most of the places,Cash are always welcome .

Medical in Zhangjiajie

There are also many hospitals in zhangjiajie, including zhangjiajie people's hospital, zhangjiajie second people's hospital, zhangjiajie hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and zhangjiajie Red Cross hospital.

There are Hospitals close to zhangjiajie national forest park:  Lanma hospital and zhangjiajie national forest park community health service center.  Treatment room is available in Zhangjiajie national park scenic area, Tianmen mountain scenic area and Zhangjiajie Grand canyon & glass bridge scenic area .

Contact Numbers for Emergency 

Mobile phone signals near main area in all the zhangjiajie scenic area are normal,but it may not get through smooth in the remote scenic areas . Zhangjiajie area code: 0744.

Wulingyuan District Tourism Bureau QualitySupervision Bureau 0744-5618331

ZhangjiajieTravel Agency Industry Management Department 0744-8380185

Quality Control Institute of Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau:0744-8380193

Wulingyuan Scenic Spot Administration Bureau: 0744-5618654

Wulingyuan District Public Security Bureau: 0744-5618327

Zhangjiajie Traffic police Detachment: 0744-8222837

Zhangjiajie City Price Report 0744-12315, 0744-12345

Wulingyuan District Tourism Bureau :0744-5618109

Wulingyuan dDistrict Traffic Police: 0744-5618323

Zhangjiajie Public Security Bureau: 0744-8222151

Transport Management Complaint: 0744-8220018

Police Station In  Zhangjiajie Park : 0744-5712381

Zhangjiajie Tourism Magazine: 0744-8380192

Anti-Counterfeiting Complaints: 0744-12365

Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau :0744-8380188

Business Administration: 0744-8223013

Quality Supervision: 0744-8223950

Tourism Complaint 0744-838013

Consumer Rights : 0744-12315

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