zhangjiajie Attractions

When mentioning the attractions of nature: Zhangjiajie owns the 1st national forest park of China (established in 1982,approved by UNESCO as the "world's Nature Heritage" in 1992)which should be considered as the first positioned attraction and the main travel purpose for coming to zhangjiajie.

zhangjiajie national forest park-winter view

In range of 269 sqkm, people could see an unique typed landscape which could not be found again at any other parts of the world called"Sandstone Peak Forest" formed by 3013 beautiful sandstone quartz pillars. They stand gorgeously in different sizes and shapes and cret and impressive scenery like another planet.

The view is just magnificent . Moreover, the scenic area has been interestingly metaphorized and defined by domestic visitors as " Enlarged Bonsai, Miniature Fairyland", and informally remed by western tourist as :"Avatar Mountain Area" for it's chosen to be the background of the Avatar movie, so even a simple tour could offer a way for anyone to escape from the old earth to the outer space for a fresh breath.

Surrounding these 2 main scenic areas area a great No. of additional attraction. Such as Baofeng lake, Yellow dragon cave, Grand Canyon, Glass bridge, Tianmen Mountian, Hot spring in Jiangya town,Laodaowan Gorge.  All the above places can be picked by people who travel to Zhangjiajie or near Zhangjiajie city .