zhangjiajie Dining

The Tujia diet in Zhangjiajie not only has strong national characteristics, but also integrates the essence of Hunan cuisine. Hot, is the characteristics of Hunan cuisine, Tujia cuisine is no exception, in addition to hot, Tujia people also love Preserved meat, sour, pickled food with unique flavor, it is Strongly recommended to taste. Zhangjiajie Sanxia GuoMost hotels in Zhangjiajie offer Western food in a noise-free environment at prices much higher than those charged in common Western restaurants.

Zhangjiajie Sanxia Guo

Zhangjiajie local hot pot-Sanxiaguo

You can try the local Zhangjiajie dishes-Sanxia guo if you are the first time to visit this place, But it usually comes with very strong spicy taste, remind the chief to put less spicy or no spicy if are not a fan of chili peppers . Pig head meat, fat intestine, pork belly, bacon, chicken, tripe, ribs or trotters are the main material to make the Sanxiaguo, guests can choose three of them to make dry pot or soup pot, and it always come with some Tofu Noodles,Vegetables in the pot. You can get Sanxiaguo in many local restaurant , the most famous are Fuzhengyi Sanxiaguo and Wangshifu Sanxiaguo .

Zhangjiajie Local Bacon


Preserved pork is a common delicacy in zhangjiajie. It is usually Fried with garlic shoots, sharp peppers, spring bamboo shoots, potato chips, etc. There is also a  kind of so-called sauteed Juebaba cook with preserved pork.

The Tujia people in Zhangjiajie are fan of preserved pork, every family will kill a pig before the Chinese New Year Festival, they will use most part of the pig meat to do bacon. Firstly, cut the fresh meat into 2 or 3 km each piece, and then put in a big container (do not wash the meat with water), with salt and wine, and then put some star anise, pepper and other spices, and finally cover the container with a large and heavy stone. To make the meat taste even more delicious,need to turn it over every one or two days, the salt and fragrance have penetrated into the meat in 7 days, then take the meat out to smoke.

Rock Ear Fungus

Rock Ear Fungus in Zhangjiajie

Rock ear is one kind of fungus different from the normal one that we can find it easily in the food market. it is a specialty of zhangjiajie growing on the cliff of unique mountains in zhangjiajie .  In ancient times, it was used to worship the gods or send to emperor as gift .Nowadays, it is very easy to get this dish in most of the local restaurant. It always matched with the local chicken to be stir-fried or stewed in soup, especially delicious and nutritious.

Wild Vegetables

When you eat vegetables, don't miss the wild vegetables of zhangjiajie. They are fresh and nutritious, which is a special delicacy that is hard to taste in the city. Such as garlic sauteed ferns, Licai, Xuemicai, and wild Fried local eggs vegetable, Fried eggs with Xiangchun,wild vegetable with sticky rice cakes, do not forget to pick the best taste of seasonal wild vegetables.

Loach with Bean Curd

Certainly one of the most popular Tujia foods, First, you have to put the small loach into a crock or a jar, pour in some water and add a bit salt to promote and combine the taste. Feed the loach over night with the purpose of cleaning its inner body . Then , use the clean water to wash it and place the live loach to appear. Then put the whole bean curd and loach into the hot oil, add the chopped green onion, chopped ginger and last of all, the glorious sauce. This dish is very nutritious , the texture is soft and smooth and is a suitable dish to serve to any member of the family.

Recommended Restaurant to Eat in Zhangjiajie Downtown

Name Contact No. Opening Time  Address
Hetianxia Restaurant禾天下生态餐厅 +86(744)8885889  11:00am-21:00 2nd Floor of Huatiancheng Jinjie, Guanliping Street, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City. 张家界市永定区官黎坪街道华天城金街2楼。
Laozaotai Sanxiaguo Restuarant 老灶台三下锅 +86(744)8128899 10:00am--21:00 No.S4&S5 Huatiancheng Jinjie,Dayong Road,Yongding District,Zhangjiajie City. 张家界永定区大庸路华天城金街S4号S5号门票

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