Southern Great Wall in Fenghuang Ancient Town

The southern great wall was at one time referred to as”the wall of Miao Territory”, which is about 180 kilometres long and most of it is still situated int eh area of Phoenix Town in Xiangix Autonomous prefecture. In order to consolidate their rule in this place and keep away the threat of the Miao people’s revolution, in the 33rd year of Emperor Jijin, Ming dynasty (AD1554), the government started ot build the wall. It had the function of plat rolling, looking out and keeping the war away from the city . It is also had the effect of dividing the territoy and military defence.   Hence, the Miao People who lived inside the wall were and are still called “Shu Miao” whilst the ones living outside of the wall are called “Sheng Miao”. 

Sometimes they use pure clay or pure stone and sometimes they will mix the clay and stone together, In April of 2004, Mr Luo Zhewen, the expert on Chinese ancient architectures carried out reseacrch on the flank wall of Yong Xingping in Liao jiaoqiao county and the one at Tuo jia county. He cognized that this flank wall undoubtedly belongs to the Ming great wall. It was built to the same level as the Great Wall at JU yong Guan, Ba Da Ling,Mu Tian Yu and Si Ma Tai which can be found in the surrounding hills of Beijing. 

The qingshiping inside the east city gate tower of Southern Great wall has a super big Chessboard of”Chinese Go” with each side about 31.8 meters long. Its area is about 1011.24 square meters,. The China-Korea go games were held in 2003 and 2005. The pieces use white and black clothes to differentiate each competitor.