Former Residence of ShenCongwen

The Former Residence of Shen Congwen is the most popular cultural landscape in Fenghaung Ancient Town, as Shen was the very first write who introduced Fenghaung to the world. 

On December 28 in 1902, ShenCongwen was born in Fenghuang where he spent his childhood. When he was only 15, he left his hometown for further study in Beijing. It was since them that he started his literary career. Today , the calligraphy work, manuscript and the portrait of Shen Congwen displayed in his former residence always remind people of this giant who left a priceless literary  legacy of over nine million Chinese characters with his heart and soul . Sturdy and weather-worn, this trans-century residence still serves as an inexhaustibly extensive cultural source . Being a monument erected by Shen Congwen with his lifelong dedication , it has been and will continue to be an ever-shinning view of Fenghuang .