The Miao’S  New Year

As the most important traditional festival In for Miao people, the Miao’s New Year is celebrated once a year, remaining from three Dok days to approximate two weeks according to different clans. However, the date of this festival varies from region to region. In most part of Xiangxi, it falls on the first Mao day  (a raditional chronology) of the first lunar month..

On New Year’seve, the whole family will stay up all night long to welcome the coming
of the new year. During the festival, they pay visits totheir relatives and friends in different
Clans. Also, the Miao people will team up to play Lusheng (Asparagus instrumen )in
competition with other clans. Wherever the pipe-playing teams go, they will be warmly
Tertained by the hospitable locals