Zhangjiajie Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort

Zhangjiajie Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort , located in Wulingyuan area , is only 15 minutes walk to the Zhangjijaie national forest park, and 10 minutes walk to Wulingyuan town .

It is a New and stylist hotel with Huge lobby and high ceiling.Spaces room with open bathtub. 

grand image once you are arrive and alighting at the cover driveway with real high roof covered. Upon entering the hotel lobby,A wide, huge and high ceiling space with very detail design from natural element material such as stone and wood.that emitted a very strong ZEN feel at the hotel surrounding.

Room was spacious, comfortable and functioned well as you would expect from a hotel of this quality. The sliding wooden glass panel for bathroom makes the room more elegant and spacious.
Wonderful breakfast buffet with both Chinese and American foods plus tons of pastries! Espresso machine plus regular coffee and tea. No complaints here!. English speaking staff is a huge plus for any hotel in China.

Death trap on the wooden walkway near outdoor 30 foot drop to another viewing area below ground. Watch your kids and be careful as you traverse the wooden walkways over reflection pools/pond. Outdoor area for tai chi with lovely ponds and traditional Chinese architecture.

Twin Beds Room in Zhangjiajie Crowne Plaza Hotel
Twin Beds Room in Zhangjiajie Crowne Plaza Hotel