Transportation Guide from Zhangjiajie to Furong Town & Fenghuang Town

  • Travel to Furong Town

Shuttle bus: There are relatively few shuttle buses from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to Furong Town. The earliest bus is at 7:30, and there may be more buses later if it is full. The journey takes about one and a half hours and the ticket price is 40 yuan.

High-speed Train: The most recommended mode of transportation is to take the high-speed rail at Zhangjiajie West Station. It is more convenient. The earliest train is at 7:50 and the latest train is at 19:58. The journey takes 23 minutes and the fare is 32 yuan.

  • Travel to Fenghuang Ancient City

Shuttle bus: with the opening of the High-speed train in the year 2018, the direct shuttle bus from Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang ancient town has been cancelled.

High-speed Train: The most recommended mode of transportation is taking the high-speed rail from Zhangjiajie West Station to Fenghuang town. It is very  convenient as the train only takes 1 hour to Fenghuang city . The earliest train departs at 8:35 and the latest train departs at 19:58. The journey takes 60 minutes and the fare is 93 yuan.

Suggest to buy your high-speed train tickets to Fenghuang Ancient City in advance, otherwise you won’t be able to get a single  ticket on spot in the peak season.

After arriving at Fenghuang Ancient City High-speed Railway Station, There are 2 shuttle buses go to places nearHongqiao and  Nanhuamen. Line 1 goes to Hongqiao and Line 2 goes to Nanhuamen.

Tips to make an worry-free and convenient tour to Fenghuang ancient town and Furong town .

1, if you would like to visit these 2 places  and need to bring your suitcases , it is highly recommended to hire a private car or tour viehcles from zhangjiajie to Furong town , after visiting, driver can take you  from Furong town to Fenghuang town directly. Because it will be very troublesome to take a train as you also need transfer from /to train station.

2, if you just wanna visit Furong town only , but still need to go back to Zhangjiajie to take your flight to other  city , it is also recommended to hire a car or tour viehcle with driver from Zhangjiajie to Furong town.

3, if you just wanna go to Fenghuang ancient town, taking train is the best way to go there, as it only takes  1 hour ride from Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang ancient town. And you can go to other city from Fenghuang fast train station , or Tongren airport ,which is 1 hour car ride from Fenghuang city . And people can also go to Huaihua train station to catch a train to Cehngdu and Chongqing .

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