Miao Ethnic Culture-Sisters Day

Sisters Day, also known as Day of Sisters Meal, falls on each March 15. On this day girls have the custom to eat Sisters Meal made of glutinous rice colored with wild flowers and leaves they have collected on the mountain. It is also a good time for young girls and boys to know each other and build a love relationship Usually, boys would receive Sisters’ Meal wrapped in a handkerchief or a basket from girls. If a boy finds a pair of red chopsticks inside, it implies that the girl cares for him and would like to be his girlfriend; if there is only one single chopstick, it tells the boy his love is unrequited; chili, garlic and onions mean ” You’d better find someone else! if leaves and pine needles show up, the girl is suggesting You are hopeful. But you may need to buy me some silk and threads for further relationship.