Emperor mountain(Tianzi mountain)

The word “Emperor”in chinese means literary “tianzi”.  Usually we called it tianzi mountain to local people. Covering an area of 67 square kilometers and rises 1262 meters above sea level.

Tianzi mountain is a typical quarts sandstone landform which is characterized by piles of densely assembly peaks. According to the statistic.There are 3103 mountains of zhangjiajie national forest park. Most of peak you can see in tianzai mountain, which will give a completely new cognition and gain new experiences about the world.

There are a variety of scenery in tianzi mountain: He Long park, helong statue yunqing rock or west sea stand stone and imperial writing brush peak, fairy presenting flowers, shentang gulf and the garden in the air.

Yubi Peak in Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain   Yubi Peak in Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain

He long park: zhangjiajie government set up the park in 1985 to commemorate Marshal He long’s 90th birthday. Right now, this park has become a cultural scenic spot and a center for patriotic education in china. This park was built on the height of 1200 meter about the sea level, in front of us is the Marshal He long statue which stands 6.5 meters tall and weighs about 9.3 tons(the weight of the horse included). this is the largest and heaviest of all the bronze statues of china in the past hundred years,was designed by the famous sculptor, professor Pe he.

Imperial writing brush peak: now I will let you use your imagination. What does these peaks look like? These take on the appearance of chinese brush pens. Notice how some of the small pines at the crest of the formation resemble the hair of a pen!

Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain   Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Yunqing Rock Platform

Yunqing rock: nor far away from the back of the statue is yunqing rock,also named west sea stone forest. As far as i am concern, this view platform should be the best position and angle to enjoy the beauty of to tianzi mountains

Fairy presenting flowers: there is a famous saying: love his throne,but love his beauty even more. You regard the writing brush peak as emperor xiang’s office, while fairy presenting flowers which is opposite to it, is his palace. What a amazing lady! Her hair,eye, profile,even her double-fold eyelids are all so real. Notice, she sha a flower basket in her arms, you can see different with the blossoms among the four seasons.

Shengtang gulf: shantang gulf is famour for its precipices, overhanging rocks and bottomless chasm. It is said that tianzi xiang was defeated by center government in ming dynasty then rode his white horse here and jumped into the deep valley. On a rainy day, especially when a strong wind comes, the noises of horse and weapons can be heard in this area. Local people once siad tianzi xiang didn’t die; on the contrary, he is training his troops in the bottom of shentang gulf and return to the stage.

Sky Garden and Bailong Elevator Zhangjiajie    Sky Garden and Bailong Elevator Zhangjiajie

The sky  garden : this place usually not too many people visit here, because it isn’t open to the public right now. However, You even can see the villager plant upland rice and rely on forest products for their food. this spot also is a magical place, which give you most primitive experience to the mother nature.

Absolutely beautiful natural scenery, just waiting for you. When you can here, her will unveil and show you her beautiful.

Travel Tips

  • Tianzi mountain is part of Zhangjiajie National forest park,its Opening time is 7:00-18:00. 
  • Entrance Tickets is included in Zhangjiajie National forest park. 
  • It is recommended to use Tianzi Mountain cable way to get to Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain . Tourists can also hike up from Ten miles Gallery or The Southern Gate.