The Environmental Bus in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

In order to protect the world natural heritage, the Wulingyuan national forest park in zhangjiajie offers Eco-bus to transfer tourists from place to place. At the same time, it is also a major means of transportation in the scenic area.The private car and vehicle are not allow to get inside the park. 

Environmantal Bus in Zhangjiajie National Foret Park

The roads in the scenic area are rough with many turns,most of people are easy to get motion sickness, please get prepared for this if you are the one. 

Bus Fares are included in the entrance ticket, so it is free to take the rides in the scenic area as long as you buy a tickets. The running time is 8:00-19:00 (winter 8:00-18:00), in the peak season(March-November), the buses are always full with crowds , and may need to queue up for 20 minuets or more, however, tourists need to wait until more people come or at least 20 minutes if there is no people come . if there is heavy snow in winter time, The environmental vehicles are not able to drive in most part of the park,tourist can only visit few view platform. 

Buses are available in most of the main scenic spots in the park, you can also waving to stop a bus on the road as long as there is a seat the driver will let you get in. In case you  are too late to catch the last bus, please make a call in advance to inform them that you need take a bus to get out the park . Contact  telephone No. 13787967907.

Running Routes of the Environmental Bus

1. Laomo Bay Square — Huangshi village cable way station

2,Laomo Bay Square-Longfeng Temple lower Station

3. Wulingyuan ticket station–Tianzi mountain cable way station– ten-mile gallery–Jinbian brook (water winding four gate)

4,Wulingyuan ticket station–ten-mile gallery–Jinbian brook (water winding four gate)-Bailong elevator lower station

5, Zi mugang ticket station – water winding four gate – Bailong elelvator lower station

6. Bailong elevator upper station –Yuanjiajie back garden-Mihuntai station

7,Bailong elevator lower station-Jinbian brook (water winding four gate)

8,Jinbian brook (water winding four gate)- Wulingyuan ticket station

9. Yuanjiajie No.1 Bridge parking lots–Wulong village(Yangjiajie cable way upper station)-Dingxiangrong statation- Tianzishan parking lot

10, Tianzi mountain helong park parking lot–Tianzi mountain rope way station

11. Tianzishan ticekts station–Dingxiangrong station

12,Yangjijaie tickets station –Yangjiajie cable way station

13. Yangjiajie cable way station to Longfeng temple station

14, Wulong village(Yangjiajie cable way upper station)-Yuanjiajie No.1 Bridge parking lots 

15, Wulong village(Yangjiajie cable way upper station)-Dingxiangrong statation- Tianzishan parking lot