Wulei Mountain in Zhangjiajie

Weilei Mountain(Thunderous Mountain) , one of the key religious sites for Taoism in Hunan Province , is a tourist spot featuring pilgrimage, sightseeing and leaisure. The fact of being considered as the largest community of Taoism culture wins iteslf a name of the “No. 1 scenic spot of south of Chu Kingdom”, it is only 20 km from the Cili downtown.

Mount Wulei, Enjoying a splendid reputation as “famous In southern Chu state (In history, Chu State refers to the region of present Hubei and Hunan Province), Mount Wulei is a famous historical Taoist resort located 15 kilometers east of Cili City. In September of 1995, the Taoist temple of Mount Wulei was included in the list of Notable Temples and  Churches by the Religious Affairs Bureau of Hunan Province. 
Mount Wulei’s Taoism originated during the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Ming Dynasty . During the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Period , a large-scale renovation and extension took place.  when the project was finished , the constructed space of the complex covered an area of 5000 square meters with 36 palaces and 72 halls. Sadly , during the period of the cultural revolution , nearly all the buildings were demolished . In the 1990’s, the local government rebuilt some of them, so that now the main features included: Golden Hall, Guanyin Pagoda, Ertian Gate,   and Temple of the Three Kings. Besides the constructions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ,there are still some remains of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. 300 cultural relics of all types are under protection and preservation .

Mount Wulei has unearthly natural scenery and provides splenid cultural sights.The entire range has 120 mountains of various size and altitudes, and there are 15 creeks running among the valleys. The total area is 160 square kilometers Jinding Peak is the highest in the range, rising to 1000 meters above sea level.