Zhangjiajie Shiyanping Tujia Village

Shiyanping, which is about 48km away from zhangjiajie city. Located in the Southeast of Zhangjiajie, Shiyanping village is a picturesque old village, with more than 90 percent of intact vegetation and forest. At the foot of the mountain, about 180 stilted buildings built by the Tujia ethnic group. This ancient architectural complex, dating back to Qing dynasty, became a Key Cultural Relic unit under state protections in year of 2015. It was placed in the first batch of 50 traditional villages to be protected by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. The whole village covers an area of 1700 hectares, and now there are 982 tujia people living there, 182 stilted buildings and 85 core protection areas. It can be called the best preserved ancient village with stilted house in China.