Zhangjiajie Climate

Locate in the middle latitude of the north hemisphere , Zhangjiajie belongs to the mid-Asian sub-tropic monsoon continental climate , enjoying plentiful sunshine and rainfall, And in the area, there is no frozen period , and just short cold winter, warm temperature in all seasons, and in the city area the annual average temperature is about 16°c, In a year , the hottest month is July, and the average temperature of this month is between 26.3 to 28°c. While the coldest month is January , and the average temperature is between 3.5 and 4.3°c. 

Rainfall:  This region has plentiful rainfall, and the average annual rainfall is about 1400 mm. 

Snow: All the districts and counties within the boundary of Zhangjiajie snow in the winter . If taking the amount of 0.1 mm snow as snowing day , the average annual duration of snow is 8.5 days, the most heavy snow year is 17 days, and the least snow year is 3 days. and the snow mostly fall between December and February ,with and average of 4.2 snow days very month, January has the most snow , about half of the total amount. 

Clouds: The plain area has less clouds than hilly county , and hilly county less than high mountainous region. For different seasons spring has the most cloud, while autumn the least. The cloud  comes out between 1 am and 7 am in the morning, and disappears between 14:00 -18:00 every day . 

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