Zhangjiajie Geomorphology

Zhangjiajie has a special type of sandstone geomorphology, which is formed through corrosion by water flow, collapse under gravity and weathering of quartz sandstone (almost horizontal occurrence) in middle and upper Dvonian series as the mother rock in the tectonic backround and subtropicl humid zone in the south China. and has mainly high and large stone pillars with straight corners and geonorphologic scenes respresented by deep-cut narrow  gorges , stone walls, natural bridges, square hills, platform and Etc,

Zhangjiajie Is located at the third upwarping zone of New China in the regional tectonic system. In the long geological history, it went throush th periods of Wuling-xuefeng. Yinzhi, Yanshan and Xishan and developed  are the most fundamentally intemal elements for formation of the unique
activities, like corrosion by water flow, collapse under gravity, biochemical action and physical weathering are indispensable extemal conditions for shaping of geomorphology in Zhangjiajie. Its formation is the result of long term interaction between internal and extemal forces in the unique geological environment. In the middle-upper Devonian period of late Paleozoic Era, the
earths crust in northwest of Hunan sank. which caused to a large area of ingression and became an ocean. Zhangjiajie was located at the deep sea of Depression of Sichuan and Hunan and close to the ancient continent and neighboring ancient continent by the water flow. After deposition and long and After long-time cutting by water flow, differential weathering, collapse under
gravity and other external forces. the grotesque forests and valleys we see today were formed. The quartz sandstone forest with unique features has extremely process of evolving from plateau- s9 uare hill- stone wall--stone pillar to,he time of development is strongly predictive and the sandstone typical site in Zhangjiajie that could be provided for study of sandstone
3100 stone Pillars with different sizes and forms are distributed in a 86km2 to 400m. The density of stone pillars, grotesque shape. ordedy combination of sandstone geomorphic landscapes, 0A Plants, weather elements, sharp natural miracle of Zhangjiajie Is quite rare among mountainous landscapes in the world and is appraised as one of the most beautiful mountains in China。